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Who are we?

Colas mattress

The smart choice of over 200 high-end hotel brands

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About us

Focus on human sleep research

  • Colas was born in 1988, more than 30 years of hard work, always with "focus on human sleep research" as the mission, focus on the design, development, production of mattress as the core of high-quality furniture.

  • Colas adheres to the deep cultivation of the middle and high-end bed market, adheres to the original intention of manufacturing mattresses beneficial to human health, strictly adopts international product quality standards and international material selection principles, and attaches importance to international cooperation and forward-looking product research and development, and thus has won the favor of the middle and high-end hotel market.


Bring high quality sleep to hotel customers

  • Tailored

    According to the different needs of hotels, we provide suitable and cost-effective configuration solutions

    1 to 1 consultant

    Provide intimate service with cutting-edge creativity, technology, design, technology, process, management and service

  • 24 hours after-sales response

    Provide a full range of related services, including use training, field logistics measurement, logistics installation, expedited customization

    Hotel retail

    We can help you design eye-catching displays, including lobby displays, bedside signs, advertising leaflets, etc

Our advantage

International brands know the hotel market better

  • Quality to win many long-term partners, including: Sheraton Hotel Group, Wyndham Hotel Group, Jinjiang Hotel Group, Marriott Hotel Group, Hilton Hotel Group, Hyatt Regency Hotel Group, Aegean Hotel Group, Shangri-La Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Westin Hotel, Kerillard Hotel and other more than 200 brand chain hotel groups, the global cooperation hotel projects more than 30,000.

  • The 200,000 m² manufacturing center has a number of the world's top automatic furniture production lines, gathering more than 1,000 outstanding industry masters, the design capacity value of more than 200 million dollars.

  • It has an independent testing center building, equipped with industry-advanced testing instruments, which can carry out more than 100 professional tests such as physical testing, chemical testing, mechanical testing, etc. All the personnel equipped in the testing center are in line with the professional and professional experience requirements of CNAS National Laboratories.

Product center

Engineering solution


The use of high-grade knitted fabrics fresh and elegant, touch rich, strong skin-friendly. Independent bag spring reasonable support different parts of the body weight, so that the relaxed body in contact with the mattress feel comfortable. In the bustling urban life, you can experience the comfort and elegant artless which are completely different from the tense working rhythm, so that the highly nervous and overloaded body and mind can be released to the fullest. A healthy sleep can be realized easily in the extraordinary feeling of sleep.


High-grade knitted fabric is soft and gorgeous, and the exquisite combination of massage wavy cotton, close to the curve of the body. Independent bagged spring system strong elasticity, and does not affect each other, each spring respectively support the weight of each part, so that the body curve to maintain the best comfortable natural state, create no interruption sleep.


The high-grade knitted fabric is soft and gorgeous, and the exquisite combination of constant temperature memory cotton can follow the temperature and pressure of the body, and can adhere to the curve of the rest of the body. Double net independent bag spring system design, bed along the spring reinforcement does not slide, so that the mattress flexibility, durability and comfort integrated seamlessly, so that your body and mind completely released, the whole process of indulging in uninterrupted sleep comfortable.


Unique three-sided plus top design, luxurious and elegant, top with high quality knitted fabric warm and breathable close, comfortable layer washable latex, with antibacterial and mildew proof, no allergy, no pollution characteristics, ensure the safety and health of human sleep, high elasticity and clothing stick with three independent bag spring can carry different body weight, bring you a very wonderful comfortable sleep, Make sure you sleep soundly every night.


The unique chequered edge design is luxurious and elegant. The top layer is made of high-quality knitted fabric to keep warm, breathable and close to the body. The bottom layer is made of high-grade brocade fabric with tensile resistance and wear resistance, which is gorgeous and fashionable. Wire drawing spring system, high spring coverage, can better distribution of weight, after triple high temperature computer controlled heat treatment, durable, give you long-term use of confidence not collapse. Built-in multi-layer sponge, gentle and comfortable for you to deliver overnight.


The self-contained bagged spring system gives you the most balanced support for a relaxing, deep, uninterrupted night's sleep. 360° breathable mesh around the edge, open ventilation and breathing function make the mattress air circulation, and effectively moisture-proof, for you to create a dry and comfortable sleeping environment. Chic black edge, let your home show personality and taste.

Cooperation advantage

More than 30 years of professional accumulation, create high-quality deep sleep

Colas Mattress has been to hundreds of countries on five continents, with years of continuous research in the field of sleep, master professional sleep technology, have comfortable sleep products, thus winning the favor of landmark hotels around the world.

  • Security guarantee

    Every day, 400 batches of samples, ranging from a loop of wire and cloth to entire mattresses and bed frames, will be sent to the laboratory for performance analysis to ensure that the finished products meet the regulatory requirements of the countries where they are delivered.

  • Rapid delivery

    In 2022, it will land in an industrial park of 200,000 square meters, introduce advanced equipment and streamline operation, support a new model of large-scale customized intelligent manufacturing, and quickly respond to customers' personalized customization needs

Team member

An enthusiastic manager

They are excellent communicators, highly motivated, and consistently good at understanding customer needs and providing solutions to meet those needs.

Mr Mei
Mr Jiang
Mr Chen
Development course

Looking back at the past, thinking and summarizing, is to go further

Mr.Chen Zhongpei,chairman of Colas, started his business from scratch;

The first mattress was born at Baiping Cottage in Longgang,Shenzhen.


Initial stage

Since the establishment of Vienna Hotel;

Adhering to the quality first, Colas mattress in Guangdong hit, hotel supply market demand.


Growth stage

Colas's first fully automatic mattress production line put into use;

The company has obtained ISO14001, ISO9001 dual system certification, marking that Colas has become a qualified world-class supplier.


Leading period

Set up the first healthy sleep experience museum in China -- Colas Healthy sleep private Club, creating an era of experience economy;

I won the bidding of the multinational hotel group for the first time, and then cooperated with intercontinental, Shangri-La, Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, Jinjiang and other international hotel groups.


Exploratory period

The global turnover of Colas exceeded 100 million US dollars, of which overseas turnover accounted for more than 50%.

Colas moved west to Foshan, the furniture city, which started the second business of Colas -- the prelude of creating a world famous brand.

Colas seized the opportunity to build a 200,000-square-meter health industrial park in Foshan, introduce the world's advanced production equipment, and step into the era of Industry 4.0.



Further deepen the research and innovation in the field of healthy sleep, and launch more high-quality products;

Serve customers with excellent performance, expand international market share, expand more overseas partners;

Colas will strengthen the concept of ecological protection, actively carry out sustainable development strategy, and contribute more value to the society.



Global partner

They all chose Colas

IHG, Shangri-La, Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, Jinjiang and other international hotel groups have long used Colas quality mattress and bedding.